Richard Pachman: Passion

An Easter Story


Richard Pachman: Passion - The Easter Story

On Sunday, April 14 and Monday, April 15, one week before Easter, The Easter Story by Richard Pachman will be performed in the church of St. Simon and Jude. 

The concert will be produced by Ságl Production and the following will perform: 

  • Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Olomouc
  • Conductor: Petr Šumník
  • Spoken word: Libuše Švormová
  • Soloists: Dita Hořínková, Martina Kociánová, Richard Pachman, Andrej Beneš
  • Choir: Resonance choir
  • Choirmaster: Miloslava Pospíšilová

The topic of the performance is the Easter Story of Jesus Christ. Both libretto and music of the play were written by Richard Pachman. Music is performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra, choir and soloists. The musical parts are interconnected by Bible readings, read by actress Libuše Švormová.

Easter is over and so is Passion by Richard Pachman. Both concerts were wonderful and were greeted with long standing ovations. THANK YOU.

Event overview

Date(s): 14. and 15. 4. 2019
Beginning(s): 19:30
Venue: St. Šimon and Juda Church
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