Spirituál Kvintet 60

The Last Concerts

Spirituál kvintet will celebrate its 60th birthday and say goodbye with a magnificent celebration in spring 2020

This fall, the legendary Spirituál kvintet band will commemorate its 60 years on the Czech music scene. The first Czech and Czechoslovak folk music group will celebrate their last birthday in April 2020 with last ten concerts and after sixty years will say goodbye to their fans.

"We also considered the possibility of one final concert, for example in the sports hall. In the end, however, we have decided for 10 evenings in an intimate atmosphere in Prague's Lucerna which is closer to our heart. Every fan can choose an evening that suits them best. We are looking forward to playing for listeners of all generations. A message for them that will be heard from the stage in April 2020: Only thanks to you the song has been so long!", says Jiří Tichota, the last living member of the original assembly of Spirituál kvintet.

At the last 10 concerts of Spirituál kvintet in Prague's Lucerna, fans will hear the band's most famous songs, most of which was released on about 25 albums. These have been performed at nearly 10,000 concerts throughout more than half a century. Spirituál kvintet is the first band that in the 1960s opened the era of Czechoslovak folk. The band was banned several times during the communist regime. In November 1989, Spirituál kvintet sang a quintet from the balcony of Melantrich in Prague. A year later, presidents George H. W. Bush and Václav Havel sang among the group members on stage on Wenceslas Square. The band also played for President Bill Clinton and first ladies of the US and the Czech Republic. In 2012, Spirituál kvintet received a Diamond Plate for a 1,2 million sold records. After 60 years, in April 2020, Spirituál kvintet will perform for the last time.

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Beginning(s): 19:00
Venue: Lucerna - Great Hall

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